Close more leads or your money back.

How many of your warm leads are going cold?

Respond faster to inbound prospects with autodialing and increase your close rate by up to 400%!

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Improve your close rate for inbound leads up to 400%*

How does MyAutoDialer work?

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Your prospect submits an inquiry
You're already getting requests for more information on your existing website. Why fix what isn't broken? Connecting MyAutoDialer is simple – just one line of code!
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You get dialed instantly
MyAutoDialer will give you a ring whenever a prospect submits their contact information on your site. You'll get a text message with the details of their submission to reference for the call.
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Your prospect gets dialed in
Your prospect will get contacted when they're in the right state of mind to buy, and before they have a chance to contact your competitors.

Harvard figured out the secret to closing more sales.

Ever wondered how your competitors can continuously outspend you on marketing, sucking all the leads out of the room? If you tried that, you'd just be throwing money away! How can they do it?

The secret as it turns out, is entirely due to how fast you follow up with prospects.

A study conducted by Harvard Business School over 3 years of 1,500 inbound marketing leads and 10,000 dials found that the odds of contacting a lead drop 400% if you call in an hour instead of within 5 minutes.
Let's be honest, how quickly are you following up with your leads? If you're not calling within the first 5 minutes of that lead filling out a form on your website, you're just throwing money away on your advertising.

The simplest thing that you can do to improve your revenue today is to start calling your leads the minute they reach out to you on your website.

What could a 20% increase in close rate do for your revenue this year? Start your free trial with MyAutoDialer and find out.
Close more leads, or your money back

Effortless connection to interested prospects

Our software makes it easy to follow up with your prospects by doing all the hard work for you. We're fully compliant with the TCPA, and only contact leads that have submitted a request on your site.
Instantly connects you to hot leads
No more missed opportunities because you didn't see an email. We dial out for you so you don't have to be checking your email all the time.
Gives you prospect info before the call starts
Any information the prospect fills out in the form will be shared via a text that goes out before the call starts.
Charged monthly
Dial warm prospects within seconds
Call logs and analytics
Close more leads, or your money back
Easy integration with your existing site
30 Day Risk Free Trial

“I love how it automatically connects me with prospects that I would normally not call back for hours.”

Josh Plotkin, Los Angeles
Improvement on Lead Conversion
By connecting with prospects in 5 minutes VS. 1 hour

Let the numbers do the talking.

Learn more about the Harvard Business study that drives our vision to help companies call their leads faster.

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